Granula Polymer GmbH was founded in 1996 and has been based in Groß-Umstadt/ Heubach since 1999. From the beginning, the ISO-certified family business specialized in powder-coatable plastics. One focus was on the development and processing of polyamides. In the meantime, masterbatches based on PA6, PA6.6, ABS, SAN, PE, PP and EVA are available.
In addition to the production, trade of plastics, as well as customer-specific consulting, Granula Polymer GmbH is innovative through research. This is reflected by successfully completed and federally funded research projects, as well as the ownership of several patents.
Not only in Germany, but throughout Europe, the name of Granula Polymer GmbH has established itself and stands for innovation, precision and honesty. The products find numerous applications in the sanitary, household and automotive sectors.
Our quality management and our environmental management are ISO certified!


Our products are used worldwide, especially in the industries:




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