EXL Series

The Granamid EXL series are plastics which you can obtain as masterbatches or as compounds.



PA6/ PA6.6 



electrically conductive
Powder coatable
electromagnetic shielding
extreme strength, rigidity and dimensional stability
Aesthetic surface
reduced sliding friction
Glass fiber reinforced
special mineral reinforced
black and special colors
UV stabilized
Heat stabilized
Adhesion promoter

Depending on customer requirements, these can be equipped with reinforcing materials such as glass fiber, mineral, glass beads, carbon fiber, nanotubes or mixtures thereof. The use of modifiers and stabilizers is also possible.
Powder coatable plastics are widely used in the sanitary industry, in radiator construction, as well as in the automotive industry. The parts are electrostatically charged and electrostatically coated with a powder coating of epoxy or polyester resin and color pigment. The powder coating of the molded part coated in this way is baked in a tunnel kiln at 200 °C to 250 °C. This process is particularly environmentally friendly, as the parts are coated with an epoxy or polyester resin and color pigment. This process is particularly environmentally friendly, as no ozone-damaging solvents are used. The protective effect of the powder coatings produces weathering and UV resistance. Surface effects, such as metallic color shades, can be excellently achieved with powder coatings.
Electrostatic powder coating is attracting increasing interest in the field of non-metallic workpieces, as the need for environmentally compatible, cost-effective and high-quality coatings is growing.

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