Field of Applications

  • Injection Molding, incl. Hotrunner 
  • Extrusion (incl. profile and film extrusion)
  • Crystal clear and transparent parts, e.g. LED channels
  • High temperature applications
  • Fast color changes
  • maintenance and regular care

Production Process

  • Retention of process parameters
  • no exposure time
  • Hotrunner approved
  • Customised formula adaption 
  • maintenance and regular care
  • Ready-Mix
  • reduced machine downtime
  • Robotiv removal possible


The application of the cleaner is simple. We have a universal cleaner GranaClean UNI for most applications, additionally you can choose between GranaClean TPE/TPU for thermoplastic elastomers, GranaClean Clear for transparent applications and GranaClean HT for high temperature applications.


Polymer UNI Clear TPE/TPU  HT
Polyolefines X      
Polyamides X      
PA-ABS Blends X      
POM X      
EVA/ EVOH X      
PVC X      
PPO, PPE X      
PBT, PET X X    
PS X X    
PC X X    
PMMA and Copos X X    
Polyester Blends X X    
SAN X   X  
ABS X   X  
ASA X   X  
PEEK       X
PSU       X
LCP       X
PES       X
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