"Each rotating screw is cleanable by GranaClean." CTO, Dr. Hubert Christ

Granula Polymer GmbH is a producer of patented, ready-to-use cleaning granules for injection molding machines and extruders under the GranaClean brand.


Why GranaClean Purging Granulates?

In just 90 seconds, it is clearly explained how the cleaning granulates work, especially in comparison to purging with polyolefins, and why using them makes a positive contribution to the environment. 


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Your Advantages at a Glance: Your Advantages at a Glance:

According to polls...


...lots of Companies do not purge or clean their Extruders and Injection Molding machines regularly or do use alternative methods e.g. mechanical cleaning, pyrolysis or purging with polyolephines or glass fiber containing compounds. 

Depending on the process this can lead to claims due to pollution of final parts, to promotion of wear or is time and costs intensive. 


The application of GranaClean offers the following advantages in particular: 

  • GranaClean cleaning granulates do not require a reaction time! Here you save time and thus costs. 
  • All ingredients of GranaClean can be adjusted to be food compliant if desired and are non-abrasive to the screw. 
  • GranaClean cleaning granules can themselves be injected into parts by means of injection molding: This allows on-the-fly color changes without major interruptions. Even a removal of the cleaner by means of a robot could already be set. Our technical staff is looking forward to customer-specific requirements. 
  • GranaClean is ready-mix granulate, which can be used directly without mixing. Moreover, its process parameters can be maintained to the previously run material. 
  • GranaClean cleaning granulates expand on the machine and effectively achieve deposits. 
  • In direct comparison with market competitors, GranaClean was able to convince with fast cleaning, an overall very good cleaning effect and a low process odor. 
  • GranaClean is effective and only little material is needed for cleaning. This is due not least to our Europe-wide patent, which allows us to use a range of effective ingredients.
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